Ambition Theory helps construction companies address the talent shortage by developing leaders from existing talent inside your organization.

Professional Leaders

Developing the leaders the construction industry needs today.

We focus on accelerating women into leadership positions by identifying and developing that talent through professional coaching and a curriculum based on the Canadian Construction Association’s Gold Seal standard. 

Ambition Theory helps companies to:

    1. Fill leadership roles internally instead of having to search externally. 
    2. Increase retention of female employees. By selecting employees and investing in them, you’re demonstrating that you have a plan and a long-term vision for them in the company. 
    3. Reduce stress – Developing talent from within ensures that the leader is a cultural fit. 
    4. Better connect with clients – having diverse leaders allows you to better connect with client teams who consist of individuals with diverse backgrounds. 
    5. Win more jobs: Diversity and team makeup are becoming decision-making factors in many construction projects.

How Men And Women Can Create Opportunities Together

A 3-Part Series For Construction Professionals

Why imposter syndrome isn’t ‘all in your head’ if you’re a woman in construction

“I didn’t really know what I wanted until you challenged me to imagine what was really possible. I went into my boss’ office, described the new role I wanted and they created it for me. I am very happy, I got everything I wanted and more. ”

Annette Lindy

Architectural Sales Manager, Sound Solutions Inc.

“We are facing a war for talent. It used to be about getting people in the door; now, it’s about engaging that talent.”

Lorin Robar

Regional Manager, Atlantic, Pomerleau

Accelerating the path to leadership for women construction professionals

Unfortunately, women can often be (unintentionally) overlooked in the construction industry. Ambition Theory focuses on identifying and developing that talent. 

Leadership Accelerator: Uncovering today’s construction leaders by accelerating female talent from within. An 8-week intensive leadership coaching program.

1:1 Leadership Coaching: Senior leaders (director level or above) who want individual support and strict confidentiality.

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Ambition Theory coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation.


13% of the construction workforce in Canada are women* 


44% of women in construction have never had a woman manager or role model**

1000+ Construction professionals that Ambition Theory has trained or coached

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*Buildforce Canada  **Ambition Theory’s Women In Construction National Survey 2021