Leadership Training | Professional Coaching for Women in Construction

Ambition Theory helps construction companies address the talent shortage by developing leaders from existing talent inside your organization.


Ambition Theory is a professional coaching and leadership development company focused on accelerating women in the construction industry into leadership positions.

We help companies to:

  • Fill leadership roles internally instead of having to search externally.
  • Increase retention of women employees. By selecting employees and investing in them, you’re demonstrating that you have a plan and a long-term vision for them in the company.
  • Reduce stress – Developing talent from within ensures that the leader is a cultural fit.
  • Better connect with clients – having diverse leaders allows you to better connect with client teams who consist of individuals with diverse backgrounds.
  • Win more jobs: Diversity and team makeup are becoming decision-making factors in many construction projects.

About Andrea Janzen, CEO

Andrea is a Certified Executive Coach with an MBA, the host of the Ambition Theory Podcast, a Forbes contributor and a top-rated speaker. She is passionate about coaching women in construction to develop themselves, set leadership goals and get results. Since 2018, Andrea has coached and trained over 1,000 construction professionals. Before becoming a coach, Andrea was a marketing leader that worked on some of the world’s best-known brands.

What it’s like to work with Ambition Theory

I don’t know how you found her, but she is fabulous.  Very inspiring and empowering.

Patricia Coyne

Manulife Women In Real Estate Conference Participant

If you’re ready to explore and connect with who you really are and arm yourself with the tools to tell the world, then do yourself a favour and sign up.

Eva Martinez

Director, Bluedrop Training & Simulation

Through the Ambition Theory community, I was able to engage with an exciting, forward-thinking group of professionals who are challenging the way work gets done…I have made much deeper inroads into a seemingly impenetrable industry.

Michael Hartley

Founder & CEO, Minetell Technologies Inc.

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