Women are ready to lead the construction industry into the future. 

Here’s what’s stopping them.

Building Better: A Women In Construction Report sheds light on the untapped potential of women in the construction industry and the systemic challenges they face on their path to leadership. 

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“I want more opportunities to do bigger work. I feel like as a female a lot of times I get pushed to the side to do smaller tasks like I can’t handle working with bigger materials and projects.”

Building Better Respondent

Happy Woman Leader with her team

Women Want to Be Leaders


We surveyed women from all over Canada and the United States and heard from women across roles, sectors, industries, ages and years of experience.

88% of women surveyed want to be in or are already in a leadership role during their careers. 

Women who had more than one year of work experience said that seeing a clear path to career advancement was the most important factor when job seeking.

Despite this ambition, women still don’t advance at the same rates as their male counterparts and 72% of women surveyed have rarely or never had a woman manager or supervisor.

Download the Building Better Report to understand why and learn how you can play a role in driving change.

Happy Woman Leader with her team

Delving into Women’s Experiences and Unlocking the Keys to Retention

Recruitment and hiring efforts have helped bring more women into the construction industry in recent years, but those efforts don’t guarantee that women will stay. If the work environment doesn’t give women what they’re seeking, they will leave.

Building Better explores these important questions about women in construction:

  • Are they getting what they want and need?
  • Will they stay in the industry?
  • What will it take to keep them?

Download the report today to learn what we uncovered after speaking with women in construction from across Canada and the United States.


“I want to be invited to the same meetings that my male counterparts attend.”

Building Better Respondent

Happy Woman Leader with her team

A Call to Action: Join Us In Driving Real Change


BUILDING BETTER is a collaboration between Ambition Theory and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) born out of a mutual desire to increase opportunities for women in the construction industry.

Our partnership was established to provide data-driven practical insights and tools to companies in the construction industry who are genuinely committed to making the industry more inclusive. We are on a mission to empower companies to take action and drive real change.

Employee resource groups and mentorship programs provide women with support, guidance and safe spaces to share their experiences, but they don’t work to drive sustainable change and still leave the burden of change on women’s shoulders.

We believe that everyone needs to play a role in creating a more equitable workplace. Building Better is a call to action for all stakeholders to join forces and make a positive impact on the industry.

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I agree to allow Ambition Theory LLC and National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) to contact me. I may withdraw my consent at any time through the unsubscribe link.


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At Ambition Theory, we’re dedicated to driving systemic change in the construction industry. We offer leadership training and coaching that equips individuals with the transformational leadership skills essential for advancement. We firmly believe that it is the responsibility of industry leaders and companies to create a more inclusive and diverse environment, and we work collaboratively with organizations to make this a reality. By sharing our expertise and proven approach, we’re able to shift the burden of change from individual women to the industry as a whole. Listen to our Women in Construction podcast and learn more about our Leadership Accelerator and corporate programs at AmbitionTheory.com.

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