When Women Support Other Women

by | Dec 1, 2022

Almost half of women in the construction industry have never had a woman role model or manager. They’ve never seen a real-life example of a woman in a leadership position in their company. Ambition Theory wants to change this. In our Leadership Foundations Program, we invite past participants to share how they’ve applied their learnings and the results that they’ve got for their companies. Simona Nicolescu, Jennifer Cross, and Cheryl Philibert joined us in June of 2022 to share their leadership journeys.


  • The impact on organizational culture is when a company invests in their women employees.
  • The difference between sponsorship and mentorship on site.
  • What it’s like to move from an office job to a job on-site.
  • The value in building relationships across different functions.


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Special Thanks to Lucinda Dykens of Coastal Virtual Solutions for editing this episode.


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