When The Safety Vest Fits With Kat Von Kamrath and Laura Beneteau

by | Mar 23, 2023

Kat Von Kamrath and Laura Beneteau have worked in the construction industry for about ten years.  A couple of years ago, each of their company’s employee resource groups discussed how standard-issue safety vests don’t fit women’s bodies very well. Kat is in the US, and Laura is in Canada, and they both brought this issue up with senior management and got the go-ahead to order some new vests. It turned out that it wasn’t that straightforward. 


  • The importance of having personal protective equipment that fits.

  • The impact on psychological safety and a feeling of belonging. 

  • Two different paths lead to the same result: having safety vests that fit. 


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Special Thanks to Lucinda Dykens of Coastal Virtual Solutions for editing this episode.


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