Sponsorship in Action with Rachael Ferrera

by | Sep 21, 2023

Sponsorship is one of the most powerful tools to advance women in the construction industry. Once you learn about this concept, it’s easy to want to implement it. But it isn’t always straightforward. There’s no sign-up sheet or 3-step plan; it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Rachael Ferrera from Zachry Construction unpacks how sponsorship has shown up for her over her 15-year career – even though she couldn’t recognize it then. She shares how she’s intentionally leveraging these relationships and sponsoring the next generation of leaders. 


  • How sponsorship creates value for a company. 

  • What a Sponsorship – Protegé relationship looks like.

  • How you can sponsor the next generation of leaders. 


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Special Thanks to Lucinda Dykens of Coastal Virtual Solutions for editing this episode.


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