Sponsorship In Action: Real-Life Success Stories with Kathryn Payne

by | Dec 14, 2023

In this episode, Kathryn Payne, a Project Executive with LeChase Construction, shares her inspiring journey in the construction sector. Kathryn fell in love with the field early on at Clemson University, and her passion for problem-solving and creating has driven her career.

Sponsors have played a crucial role in Kathryn's growth, facilitating opportunities for her and others. She believes in investing in and empowering future leaders through sponsorship.

During our conversation, Kathryn delves into the launch and impact of the Employee Resource Group for Women at LeChase. This group actively works towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment by addressing gender disparities in the workplace.

Kathryn highlights the benefits of sponsorship both for her role as a project executive and for her journey as a protegé. She shares personal stories of how sponsorship has positively influenced her own growth and helped her overcome challenges to get to where she is today. She also provides valuable insights on how businesses can leverage sponsorship. 

Kathryn emphasizes the importance of goal setting and curiosity in career development. She encourages individuals to explore new opportunities, take risks, and continuously seek growth.


  • [00:00] Kathryn Payne's Construction Journey 

  • [00:24] The Role of Sponsorship in Kathryn's Career

  • [00:34] Launch and Impact of the Employee Resource Group for Women at LaChase Construction

  • [00:50] Personal Stories and Benefits of Sponsorship 

  • [01:08] Insights on Leveraging Sponsorship for Business Growth

  • [01:14] Importance of Goal Setting and Curiosity in Career Development 


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