Part 1: How Men And Women Can Create Opportunities Together

by | Oct 20, 2022

“I didn’t believe it.”

This is the feedback a male executive at a large construction company shared with us after attending an Ambition Theory workshop last March.

But, after asking just a few women he worked with, he quickly realized their experience aligned with what he learned in the presentation.

His company had invested heavily in recruiting and hiring women, and developed a mentorship program and an employee resource group, but women still weren’t advancing at the same rate as men.

He finally understood why. The women’s leadership experience was entirely different from that of men in the industry.

Listen to the audio recording of our live series from September 2022.

How Men And Women Can Create Opportunities Together

  • Part 1: How to shift from a transactional leadership style to a transformational approach and why this is a critical step to improve employee retention.
  • Part 2: Why sponsorship (not mentorship) is the answer to accelerating the path to leadership.
  • Part 3: How to make your company’s culture more inclusive. Steps that individuals and companies can take to accelerate the path to leadership for women.


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