Life after the Great Resignation with Dr. Giovanna Brasfield

by | Feb 21, 2024

In this episode, Dr. Giovanna Brasfield (Popularly known as Dr. G), the CEO and Principal Consultant at Brasfield Associates, discusses her journey in the construction industry, focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Dr. G is an award-winning diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) advocate and changemaker with over 18 years of experience in leadership consulting and DEI program development, training, education, and outreach for the construction industry and construction-related trades.

At Brassfield & Associates, she offers inclusive strategies for large infrastructure projects and supports employee resource groups with a keen focus on developing sustainable actions for employee engagement and retention. Dr. Brasfield shares her passion for construction and how her work integrates communities often overlooked, ensuring they have an equal voice in projects. 

The conversation delves into the importance of allyship, the evolution of DEI efforts from project-driven to organization-wide initiatives, and the critical role of leadership in fostering a culture of inclusion.  Her insights highlight the significance of listening tours, employee feedback, and strategic DEI planning in addressing the talent shortage and improving workplace culture.


  • [00:00] Dr. Giovanna’s journey in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the construction industry.

  • [03:12] Focusing on the positive impact that the construction industry has on communities.

  • [09:08] Diversity, equity, and inclusion in large infrastructure projects and construction.

  • [14:52] Tackling the talent retention and shortage conundrum in the construction industry.

  • [28:21] The best ways to start and manage diverse employee resource groups.

  • [33:35] How the Great Resignation affected the construction industry and the labor market in general.

  • [37:05] Programs that organizations can implement to attract and retain talent.


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