Women’s leadership programs aren’t actually making the workplace better for women.

by | Mar 3, 2019

In the summer of 2017, I read an article about women’s ambition and it wasn’t pretty. It said that 83% of women were somewhat or not really ambitious and 2/3 of these women ages 35–45 wouldn’t take their bosses job even if it was offered to them. It was like looking in the mirror, I was a living breathing example of these statistics. The woman who has lost her ambition and has given up on the idea of a fulfilling career.

I decided to take action and started a women’s leadership program so that I could do my part to close the gender gap in the workplace. I got clients and speaking engagements and one day I realized my approach was completely wrong. 

In this episode I’m sharing the limitations of women’s only leadership programs and what companies can do instead. 

Here is the Chatelaine article that inspired me to take action. 

Here is the World Economic Forum gender gap calculator. 

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What it’s really going to take to close the gender gap in the workplace

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