Women Have What The Construction Industry Needs

by | Mar 3, 2022

Jennifer Sproul is President of the Maryland Center for Construction Education and Innovation (MCCEI) and sees women as the answer to the construction industry’s need for talent. Jennifer is working to connect the industry with educational, governmental, and nonprofit agencies with a vision to create an abundant pipeline of diverse people eager to work in the construction industry.


● How to know when to take the next right step

● What terror tells us

● How networking expands our influence exponentially

● Why coaching is transformative


● Free Report: Imposter Syndrome, If you’re a Woman in Construction it’s Not All in Your Head https://ambitiontheory.com/imposter/

● Watch the Webinar: Gold Seal Certification And Women in Construction https://ambitiontheory.com/gold-seal-cert/

● Maryland Center for Construction Education & Innovation https://mccei.org/

● National Association for Women in Construction https://www.nawic.org/

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