The more you pay, the more you pay attention. Why I spent big bucks to gain access to a role model.

by | May 2, 2019

One reason why there are fewer women in leadership positions is a lack of available role models. If you don’t see someone like you already doing the job, you don’t consider it a possibility for yourself. You may not even realize that you think this way, but it’s the truth (and researchers have backed this up). 

On this episode I’m having a conversation with one of my role models Madelaine Corke. We are both entrepreneurs and when we met neither of us had role models to look up to in business in our local community. Our solution was to become our own role models. Madelaine taught me what she knew, and I taught her what I knew. This was OK for a while, but then we faced a problem. We could only take each other so far, and we were feeling a bit stagnant. 

To overcome this obstacle, we made the decision to pay for a role model. We invested in VIP tickets to Rachel Hollis’ Rise conference. The conference is happening in June 2019. We talked about how investing in your own development always pays off, and how the investment in ourselves has already paid back – and we haven’t gone to the conference yet. They say the more you pay, the more you pay attention and it’s totally true. 

Madelaine’s Website is 


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