How men are learning to be allies for women in construction

by | Nov 11, 2021

The YWCA Change Project has developed Gender Inclusion training to support male leaders in the trades. During this interactive live podcast, you will learn:

● Why trying to change women is not the answer, and why we need to shift culture instead.

● How the YWCA came up with a curriculum focusing on male supervisors as a means to make the industry more inclusive to women.

● What employers can do to support leaders to make their teams more inclusive.

This interview includes 3 different perspectives:

Participant: Jeremy Tucker, Operations Superintendent, Lindsay Construction

Facilitator: Stephen Law YWCA Shift Change Program Facilitator

Strategy and culture change: Tracy Boyer Shift Change Coordinator, YWCA Halifax

YWCA Halifax:

Lindsay Construction:

Stephen Law:

Ambition Theory

Host/Producer: Andrea Janzen

Editor: Michael Boyd

Postproduction Facility: Podcast Atlantic


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