Finding your Genius Zone with Margo Jay. Part 2

by | Apr 2, 2019

Margo Jay had an amazing career as a marketer in the consumer packaged goods industry. She held Vice President level positions and later went on to start her own consumer insights and strategy consulting firm called 365 Integrated. She is a consultant to some of the largest brands like Weight Watchers, Maple Leaf, Kruger, Cara Foods, and The Source. In this episode we talk about how Margo was able to find her genius zone early in her career and leverage it to climb the corporate ladder. She later honed in on this zone and built a successful business by leveraging her genius to help make brands more profitable. We also talk about how she is able to sell her services to some of the largest companies in Canada and the US. 

You can find Margo on linked in here. You can learn more about 365 Integrated here


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