6. How to cope with fear and anxiety with Olethea Pimenta, Registered Therapist

by | Mar 31, 2020

On this episode of the Diversity at Work podcast, I got to talk to Olethea Pimenta, a registered therapist who is the most innovative therapist I have ever met. We talked about fear in uncertain times and how the fear you are experiencing right now might be something you’ve already gone through before. She gave me a bunch of techniques to help reframe what is happening with your fear and anxiety so that you can move forward, stay positive, and see opportunities to really thrive in this time of uncertainty,

Olethea is a registered psychotherapist with a completely online practice. Her clients refer to her as their coach, performance coach or career coach! She works to take clients from panic to peak performance, helping clients struggling with anxiety and relationships level up in all areas of their life. Her services can be covered under most extended health plans or professional development budgets!  Book a consult here: https://calendly.com/oletheap/consult

Visit her website here: https://opimenta.ca/

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