47. Discussing diversity in the African-Nova Scotian community with Sylvia Parris-Drumond, CEO of Delmore “Buddy Daye” Learning Institute

by | Feb 27, 2020

In this episode I sat down and chatted with Sylvia Parris-Drummond, CEO of Delmore “Buddy Daye” Learning Institute. In this conversation we discussed how to best facilitate diversity and learning both in the workplace and in schools, and how to create a welcoming atmosphere for diverse populations in these places. Through her I learned about the details of the African-Nova Scotian experience and how the repercussions of the colonial experience affect people in her community today.

Sylvia’s work in education and the community is rooted in core Africentric Principles. She has a successful history of collaboration with the communities and stakeholders with whom she has worked. Through her extensive public sector involvement, Sylvia has gained a deep understanding and appreciation for what it takes to conduct policy analysis, oversee publishing projects, and develop and implement education, multicultural and diversity programs.

To learn more about Sylvia’s work and for resources: https://dbdli.ca/

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