44. Leveraging relationships and embracing sponsorship was the strategy that got my company big corporate clients.

by | Feb 6, 2020

On this episode we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing how the concept of sponsorship is showing up in our company. I’m sharing the reasons why so many people said no to me in the early days of my business and the only way that I was able to land big corporate clients is by leveraging relationships. 

A lot of people hate the word networking, and feel uncomfortable using the word sponsorship. It often brings up feelings of being inauthentic. The truth is, it’s actually a lot of fun and one of the easiest ways to accelerate women and people with diverse backgrounds into leadership positions.  I’m also sharing how you can embrace this concept as an entrepreneur or a small business. 

I’ve recently partnered with two women entrepreneurs in Toronto to better understand how the construction industry works and I’m sharing the behind the scenes on how it happened. 

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