33. The business case of Diversity and Inclusion with The Glenlivet

by | Apr 1, 2021

Diversity and inclusion initiatives that are motivated because it’s the right thing to do – isn’t a strong enough motivation. There needs to be more. It needs to drive revenue or profit, or it’s not going to be worth the effort. 

Aoife Lyons and Maritza Noriega from The Glenlivet share the business case and the reasons they took this global single malt scotch brand and are making it more inclusive so that everyone can enjoy it. The best part about this story is that it drives revenue growth for the brand and helps them stand out from their competition.

This was recorded live as part of our International Women’s Day series called Rising to the Challenge: Taking on the social norms and stereotypes that impede careers and business. After listening to this conversation, you will feel challenged to look for opportunities where inclusion can lead to business growth and profit. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Learn more about The Glenlivet Here: https://www.theglenlivet.com/en-CA 

Watch the campaign here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58EX1fPQYnE 

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