1. How to have an open and honest conversation around the #blacklivesmatter movement with Sylvia Parris-Drumond

by | Jul 16, 2020

In the inaugural episode of the Ambition Theory Podcast, I sit down with Sylvia Parris-Drummond, CEO of Delmore “Buddy Daye” Learning Institute. I am very grateful to have people like her in my life, as we had an open and honest conversation about the #blacklivesmatter movement and learned about the black community in Nova Scotia.

Previously the Diversity at Work Podcast, the Ambition Theory Podcast focuses on strategies and thought leadership around creating a workplace where everyone is welcome and everybody can thrive and we’re not going to shy away from the difficult conversations. The rebranding of the podcast reflects the rebranding of my company, which was previously Andrea Janzen Professional Coaching, and is now Ambition Theory.

To learn more about Sylvia’s work and for resources: https://dbdli.ca/

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