As a leader,
are you going it alone?

Ambition Theory gives professionals all over the world a community that advances their leadership capacity.

When limitations out number opportunities.

When up-and-comers focus on personal and professional limitations they miss out on opportunities to learn and grow their leadership capacity.

Why hard workers get passed over.

When organizations are looking for their next leader, they’re looking for an influencer, not a cog in the wheel. Relying on credentials and hard work unconsciously gives the message: “I am not leadership material.”

Self-doubt hides potential.

When up-and-comers spend their energy doubting their competency, they diminish their potential to be seen as an influential leader.

We feel you.

We understand how isolating and overwhelming it feels to be expected to have all of the answers.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be your story.

Ambition Theory gives leaders all over the world a community that advances their leadership capacity.

Because you can’t solve your company’s toughest problems on your own.


Through the Ambition Theory community, I was able to engage with an exciting, forward-thinking group of professionals who are challenging the way work gets done…I have made much deeper inroads into an industry that was seemingly impenetrable.

michael hartley

ceo/founder, minetell

“The construction industry needs to be more inclusive. Someone needs to lead this change. I believe that Ambition Theory is going to make this happen.”

Sean Donovan

VP, Clark Construction Management

This community is always moving, trying to figure out ways to advance each other. How to expand a network. How to come up with new ideas. How to collaborate. It’s a conversation and an expansion of ideas.

scott beitel

coo, Platform insurance

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what if you found a community that helped you reach your leadership goals?

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Core Membership

Engage in monthly keynote sessions with Jodi & Andrea

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Become a sought-after professional.

Discover what it’s like when your community opens doors for you because they see your value and want to see you harness it.

Believe that you have what it takes to be a leader.

Say good-bye to imposter syndrome as you grow with a community that values your experience and potential.

Discover the power of a community that advocates for you.

Learn from your community on how to become an influential leader and start carving your path to a promotion.

success stories

Coaching has made a significant difference in the growth of my business. [It] helped me to feel more real in connecting with my clients and leverage the training my organization has. It’s made a difference in the new business I’ve acquired.

ann Ragbir

sr. wealth advisor, financial services

It was such a comfort to feel the Ambition Theory community around me as I struggled with a difficult HR-related decision.

I’m honoured to be supported by such an amazing group of people.

krista Smith

founder, root & Branch

I just wanted to tell you that since joining the Ambition Theory community my Q4 revenue for 2020 is a 300% increase over Q1.

tara andrews

founder, tara joy andrews illustrator & designer

You don’t have to go it alone

Myth: Successful Leaders have all the answers.

That myth can cause you and others to question your competency as a leader.

Fact: One person, or even one company can’t know everything.

Real results happen when you surround yourself with people who are trying to achieve the same level of success as you are.

Ambition Theory gives individuals and companies all over the world a community that advances their leadership capacity together.

Because you can’t solve your company’s toughest problems alone.