7. How to create opportunities for yourself at work with Edith Duarte

by | Aug 27, 2020

In today’s podcast, I had a conversation with Edith Duarte, who is a leader and a mother, who when the Covid-19 pandemic started, decided that she wasn’t going to slow down. She stepped up, she created opportunities, she got promoted, and she is sharing how to make that happen with you.

Edith Duarte is Senior Account Manager at BDC. She is a trusted advisor in her business community and helps Canadian business accelerate their growth by offering BDC’s platform of financing, advisory services and capital. She is originally from Mexico and has had the wonderful opportunity to develop her professional skillset in Mexico, U.S.A and Canada working in the private and public sectors. She holds an MBA and an Engineering degree. She lives in Ottawa with her 2 young daughters and is a weightlifting enthusiast and long-distance runner.

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