43. Gender diversity from a masculine perspective with Jake Stika Executive Director of Next Gen Men

by | Feb 2, 2020

There are a lot of women who talk about gender and diversity in the workplace, but not a lot of men. Here’s the truth about gender equality: it isn’t about men vs. women. It’s actually about creating workplaces where everyone can thrive and that means it’s better for men too. Jake Stika AKA ‘The guy that talks about gender’ is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Next Gen Men. They create brave spaces to engage, educate, & empower men and boys on gender & equality. I found this conversation very informative and I learned a lot from his perspective. I’m really excited to be able to share this with you.  

To learn more about Jake’s work check out https://www.nextgenmen.ca/

You can also follow Next Gen Men on Instagram and Twitter:  @nextgenmen

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