40. Shifting your mindset from surviving to thriving makes the workplace better for everybody with Steve Foran

by | Jan 9, 2020

Steve Foran is the grateful CEO of Gratitude at Work, a happiness company he founded in 2006. Steve has been on the leading edge of gratitude based research, writing and teaching for more than 15 years. He is the author of the book Surviving to Thriving: The 10 laws of Grateful Leadership.

In this conversation, we talk about mindset. It’s our default to see our situation from a place of scarcity with a survival mindset. If we really want to thrive we need to shift to a thriving mindset which takes us to a place of abundance. The simple way to do this, practice gratitude every day.

We also talk about how most organizations approach their diversity and inclusions strategies from a place of scarcity and a survival mindset. This approach invokes fear and resistance to change. It’s the idea that promoting diversity in the workplace will give opportunities to some, while taking away opportunities from others. If we can approach diversity and inclusion from a place of abundance, we can create better opportunities for everybody and a workplace where everybody has the opportunity to thrive.

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