17. What to do now if you lost your job

by | Jun 4, 2020

In this episode of the Diversity at Work podcast, we’re talking about building your resume and LinkedIn profile to help you get a new job, especially if you have been laid off during the pandemic. 

So many people have gotten laid off that the unemployment rate in April in Canada was 13%. That means a LOT of people lost their jobs. And I know the ripple effects are not over. This is a REAL Problem. And it affects everyone. Even if you’re listening to this and have a job right now it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have one in 6 months. Unfortunately this is the reality we are facing today.

I started out as a career coach – The crazy part was is that people had very high success rates. They’d get the job. And they’d get jobs really fast. The challenge is these clients wouldn’t actually like their jobs. Because I didn’t ask the fundamental question: “What do you really want?” I realize now in hindsight that it’s because I missed the fundamental question: “What do you really want? What drives your ambition? What are you striving for?”

I went back and found my resume building template and have shared them in this episode. This actually got people the interview. But it also built confidence so that when they got an interview the wowed the interviewer and got the job. It also built up their confidence to negotiate a salary. And all those amazing things.

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