A FREE Women in Construction Week Virtual Event for Men and Women

Session 1: Wednesday, March 9, 12 PM-1 PM EST

Session 2: Thursday, March 10, 12 PM – 1 PM EST

Session 3: Friday, March 11, 12 PM – 1 PM EST

Happy Woman Leader with her team

Men and women will leave each session with tangible strategies that they can implement immediately.

The focus of these sessions will be on employee retention and engagement. 

During Women in Construction Week 2022 You Will Learn: 
  • What Canadian women in construction really think. We are revealing the results of our National Women in Construction Survey.  Wednesday, March 9, 12 PM EST

  • Why sponsorship (not mentorship) is the answer to accelerating the path to leadership. Actions that individuals and companies can take to start sponsoring women today. Thursday, March 10, 12 PM EST

  • How men can be allies for women in construction. Stephen Law from the YWCA Shift Change Project will be facilitating a live workshop about actions men can take to make job sites more inclusive. Friday, March 11, 12 PM EST

Your Hosts

Andrea Janzen

Professional Coaching and Leadership Training for Women in Construction

Stephen Law

YWCA Shift Change Program Facilitator

Tracy Boyer

Shift Change Coordinator, YWCA Halifax

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