Leadership Accelerator $CAD



An 8-week intensive leadership course.

The curriculum includes:

  • Core Values
  • Understanding your strengths
  • The mindset of a strategic leader
  • How others perceive your leadership style
  • Social and emotional intelligence
  • Sponsorship vs. mentorship in the construction industry
  • Relationship management: Construction about who you know
  • Acknowledging progress and continuing your leadership journey

Your Leadership Brand 360 Degree assessment

When rising to a leadership role, it’s essential to understand how others perceive your strengths and behaviours. High self-awareness is required to lead in 2022 and beyond. The assessment helps you know your strengths and develop your unique personal leadership brand. The process provides a framework to align your values with your company’s.

Coaching enhances learning and ensures you get a return on this investment

Actual results don’t happen in a classroom, and they occur when you apply what you’re learning in your company in real-time. We incorporate coaching and peer learning to create accountability. Each week, you take action and access ongoing coaching to support your leadership growth and achieve tangible outcomes.