Ambition Theory gives leaders all over the world a community that leads change together.

Because you can’t solve your company’s toughest problems on your own.

Professional Leaders

Corporate Workshops

In the new workplace “normal” of remote working and virtual workspaces, maintaining organic communication, seamless onboarding, and team cohesiveness have become challenging. Our virtual workshops bring teams together to create organizational alignment. We engage team members and challenge them to develop their own solutions, resulting in a company-wide understanding of values, behaviours, and actions.

“This is the first time I’ve ever had fun at a virtual workshop.”

Linda Gough


Group Coaching

Do you have team members ready to take the next step into leadership? Our group leadership programs are ideal for professionals who want to:

  • Begin carving their path to leadership.
  • Discover and articulate their leadership value.
  • Dramatically accelerate their path to leadership.
  • Motivate independence and accountability in their teams.

One-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching is a customized leadership journey.  It is ideal for senior leaders; leaders who require confidentiality; team members on accelerated leadership tracks or unique circumstances; and professionals with challenging schedules. All Ambition Theory coaches are certified through the International Coach Federation.

“Coaching has made a significant difference in my confidence level and the growth of my business. Working with Andrea brought out the human aspect, helping me feel more real in connecting with my clients and leveraging my organization’s training. She shone a light on how to bring it all together and take it out into the world. It’s made a difference in the new business I’ve acquired.”

Anne Ragbir

Wealth Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

Andrea Janzen, CEO

Jodi Millen, CGO

Interactive Keynote Talks

Ambition Theory CEO Andrea Janzen is a top-rated speaker who brings positive energy into every virtual room. Her topics include:

  • Why there are so few women in leadership, and what you can do to change this.
  • Bringing your Ambition to work
  • The power of conflict at work (why conflict is a good thing)
  • How to thrive at work in uncertain times

Ambition Theory Chief Growth Officer Jodi Millen is an expert at creating community and encouraging interaction amongst participants. Her topics include:

  • Why business development is everybody’s job
  • How to build relationships in a virtual world
  • How to build long-term business relationships