Transform Your Leadership Landscape: Proven Strategies to ADVANCE Women in Construction

Are you tired of seeing talented women leave the construction industry? Frustrated by the lack of women in leadership roles despite numerous initiatives? It’s time to challenge the status quo and take decisive action.


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Why do so many talented women leave the construction industry, and why aren’t more women in leadership roles?


Join us as we explore the real answers to these questions and learn what you can do to drive change at your company.

In this session, we cover the obstacles holding women back, including:

  • The Double Bind: Discover how this unique challenge forces women to choose between being likable or being competent – and how it’s draining your talent pool.
  • Leadership Styles: Learn why transformational leadership can be the game-changer for retaining top female talent.
  • Mentorship vs. Sponsorship: Uncover the critical difference and why mentorship alone isn’t enough to advance women in your organization.

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss This Session:

  • Stop the Talent Drain: Implement strategies that keep your high-potential women engaged and on the path to leadership.
  • Boost Your Bottom Line: Diverse leadership isn’t just a moral imperative – it’s a business necessity. Companies with diverse leadership outperform their peers.
  • Proven Solutions: See how Ambition Theory’s Leadership Accelerator Program has driven measurable results in companies like yours.

Who Should Attend?

  • People Leaders: Equip yourself with the tools to support and elevate the women on your team.
  • Executives and HR Professionals: Learn how to foster a culture of inclusion that attracts and retains top female talent.

Your Host

Andrea Janzen

Ambition Theory Founder and CEO.

Professional Coaching and Leadership Training for Women in Construction

Transform Your Leadership Landscape: Proven Strategies to ADVANCE Women in Construction


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