Accelerated Leadership In Construction: A Case Study With Nicole Tanel

by | May 18, 2022

This episode lit my heart on fire! Nicole Tanel, a project manager with PCL Construction, took part in the first leadership accelerator cohort for women in construction.

She shared what it was like to take this program, how she could implement what she learned, and the impact she has in her company, leading her direct reports and managing up.

My favorite part of this interview was seeing the real-life case study of what happens when you lean into your transformational leadership skills. I want to say thank you so much to Nicole for getting out of her comfort zone and coming on the podcast.


● What kind of feedback to give

● How to fuel days with personal ambition for personal and corporate growth

● Why sponsorship–not mentorship–transforms lives and careers


● Free Report: Imposter Syndrome, If You’re a Woman in Construction, It’s Not All in Your Head

● Watch the Webinar: Gold Seal Certification And Women in Construction

● Marcus Buckingham’s Harvard Business Reviewarticle: “Designing Work that People Love”

● Marcus Buckingham’s Harvard Business Review article: [1]

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● Ambition Theory

● Andrea Janzen

● Nicole Tanel



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